Descriptive Video Transcript

Our short promo video (54 sec.) features images of Farmington, both past and present, and is accompanied by background music. A few lines of animated text are included throughout.


[Folk-type Guitar Music Playing in Background]

[Farmington Historic Plat Map Image]

[Animated Text "Promoting Our Rich History" Overlaid on 1915 Boltonville Threshing Crew Image]

[Bolton General Store Historic Image Showing Horses & Wagons and People Outside the Store]

[Liberta Klessig Outside Saxonia House Historic Image]

[Animated Text "Protecting Our Historical Heritage" Overlaid on St. John of God Church & Cemetery 2018 Image]

[Lizard Mound Park Trail 2018 Image]

[Animated Text "Preserving Our Past" Overlaid on Orchard Grove Cemetery 2018 Image]

[Lizard Mound Park Interpretive Center 2018 Image]

[Farmington Historical Society Logo Fades in on Black Background]

[Animated Text "Preserving Farmington's Past Investing In Its Future" Below Logo on Black Background]

[Fade to Black]

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