Albinger's Wagon Shop: Then and Now

Albinger Wagon Shop Circa 1912

Albinger's wagon shop & brick residence in Fillmore, circa 1912.

In the early 1900s, the gasless buggy was still popular as a means of transportation. In 1912, Simon (“Sim”) P. Albinger established his Wagon Shop in Fillmore and sold top buggies that were pulled by horses. Later on, Albinger sold automobiles and farm implements.

Today, it looks much like it did during the buggy era. Next door to the shop is the former Albinger house, built in 1907.

Former Albinger Wagon Shop in 2018

The former Albinger wagon shop as it stands today on Trading Post Trail.

Across the road from the wagon shop is the site of the former Albinger blacksmith shop. Simon Albinger did repair work and sharpened plow shares for the farmers until the early 1960s. The blacksmith shop went out of business and was dismantled. The Fillmore Fire Department is now located at the site on Trading Post Trail.

Fillmore Old Village Blacksmith Shop

The former Albinger blacksmith shop. The Fillmore Fire Department is now located at the site.

Excerpts from Fillmore 150 Years, 2006, & Footprints Through Farmington, 1997.

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